Things to know when protecting your multi-cloud environment

May 17, 2024


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A: Yes, many IT outsourcing companies offer cyber security services as well, especially as part of a DevSecOps approach. While some agencies may house dedicated teams for cyber security services such as vulnerability assessments, penetration testing and network policy management, others may partner with dedicated cyber security vendors to deliver solutions to clientele, as part of an all-in-one offering.
A: While the same set of tools and technologies are used for both cloud security and multi-cloud security, the approaches used for each shall vary. For one, general cloud security will only focus on protecting a single cloud environment, which means that the extent of tools used will be smaller.

On the other hand, multi-cloud security needs to deal with additional challenges that are brought on by multiple contracts signed with cloud service providers, as well as the different ways each approaches the safeguarding of your cloud resources. Establishing complete visibility is a difficult albeit necessary first step, before any security operations can begin for multi-cloud environments.
A: Yes, leading cloud service providers offer inbuilt cloud security services to help clients protect their data and other virtual resources stored within their environments. From data security to Identity and Access Management (IAM) solutions, many cloud service providers can cater to cloud security to ensure your resources stay protected at all times.

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