Software testing outsourcing: the key to enhanced application performance

May 9, 2024


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A: Yes, software testing services alone can be obtained from a software or IT outsourcing company, if that’s what your company requires. Having software testing carried out by a third-party company that isn’t involved in software development can help instil an unbiased round of testing, thereby delivering results that are more comprehensive, as well as reliable.
A: Yes, software and IT outsourcing companies offer the same and complete range of software testing services, as a typical in-house software development team. In fact, software outsourcing companies may be better equipped to handle software testing, as their pool of skilled expertise and partnered access to cloud support services can enable them to scale and deliver even the most nuanced testing procedures, to ensure complete workability of your software or application.
A: Many software outsourcing companies can and do conduct security testing, especially as part of a DevSecOps approach. By incorporating security-first procedures such as identity verification during the software development lifecycle, software testing teams will be tasked to ensure security components are working as expected, to help deliver tight protection across software and applications that are being built.

Additionally, software outsourcing companies can also conduct more advanced forms of security testing, such as penetration testing. However, this is dependent on the level of expertise that these companies have.

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