How a suitable offshore software development team can take your business to new heights

March 19, 2024


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A: Among various software outsourcing models available, the three most common ones are:

● Project-based: Resources are hired to work on a specific project. If the project is temporary, the contract will end once the project concludes. With software development projects typically being long-term and ongoing, however, this should end up being a full-time role for resources that are hired.

● Time-based: Resources are hired to work on a specific task, on an hourly basis. This model is ideal for sudden, short or intermittent surges of work.

● Dedicated team member: Resources hired as part of a dedicated team member model report directly to the client, while administrative necessities are taken care of by the software outsourcing agency. Dedicated team members may or may not be permanent, and their tenure may overlap closely with that of the project-based model.
A: Yes, larger software outsourcing companies also possess relevant expertise pertaining to areas outside of core software development, such as IT, cybersecurity, SEO and even marketing. Outsourced IT administrators can assist companies for tasks such as password management, user provisioning/deprovisioning as well as undertaking complete user lifecycle management.

It is always advisable to ask your software outsourcing partner about what exactly they can cater to that goes beyond core software development, to understand whether more areas can be outsourced to one flagship provider for added convenience.
A: Yes, software outsourcing companies can offer AI-powered services such as bot training and intelligent automation, provided they have the skills to do so. This is typically the case for larger and more established software outsourcing companies. Newer and boutique entrants to the software outsourcing industry may lack expertise, but can still coordinate with agencies that do offer dedicated AI-based services.
A: Yes, businesses can work with any number of software outsourcing agencies they wish, while having each of them coordinate with the other on making sure tasks are delivered as expected, and on time. Businesses that have a complex or niche set of requirements may benefit from working with multiple software outsourcing providers, as specific areas can be delegated to partners that have dedicated expertise available, for optimum results.

For example, delegating ML-powered algorithm training to an IT outsourcing company that has advanced-level expertise for the same, while having their regular software outsourcing company coordinate can be highly advantageous - as each partner is focused on doing what they are best at.

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