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December 18, 2023


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A: No, it’s not necessary to have an in-house software development team beforehand, since a software outsourcing company can take care of all your custom development needs irrespective of distance, timeframes or budgets.

However, it may be useful to have an IT/systems administrator in-house, as they will be able to liaise with your software outsourcing team during deployments and patches, while also being one of the primary contact points for technical assistance.
A: No, language barriers won’t be a concern provided you have done your due diligence to ascertain that your software outsourcing company is able to communicate effectively in the language of your choice.

In the event any gaps or miscommunications occur due to lack of a common language or differing communication styles, it is important to convey this to your software outsourcing partner as soon as possible in order to establish a system of interacting, alerting and formalising that is useful for both parties.
A: In order to build a schedule that works for both your business teams as well as your software outsourcing provider, identify any windows of time between time zones that may be convenient for both parties. This overlap can be ideal for scheduling meetings, so that both your team as well as your software development partner are available during an hour that is hospitable for both.

In the meantime, offline task execution can take place, with reporting and alerting happening via project management tools, IM/chat platforms or simple email. Irrespective of timing, it is key to remember that meetings should be conducted regularly in order to give team members the chance to discuss complex ideas over a virtual face-to-face meeting - even if it feels like nothing is on the agenda for a given day.

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