Full-stack developer 101: a guide to hiring and retaining the best talent

February 11, 2024


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A: A full-stack developer is skilled at working on both front and back ends of a software development project, while a front-end and back-end developer (as their titles suggest) only work on one end of the project. This makes full-stack developers all-round software development professionals, and having one on your team is bound to be highly valuable as they can be consulted for any technical matters when required.
A: Whether a full-stack developer or project manager is more relevant for your unique project depends on a number of factors, but can be summed up through two steps in order to make an informed decision:

1. To start off, it’s important to clearly understand what each does as part of their roles and responsibilities; while a full-stack developer has all-round technical knowledge regarding software development, a project manager may or may not have technical expertise.

2. If you already have a full-stack developer and/or project manager in your existing software development team, it then helps to understand what your software development needs truly are; do you need someone with deep technical skills at the forefront to run your project, or will a project manager with minimal technical skills do?

No matter how niche your software development project is, the above steps should serve as a blueprint to address the full-stack developer vs project manager dilemma. If you’re partnered with a software outsourcing company, they shall be able to lead and advise on what can be done, thereby conveniently helping you decide who’s ideal to lead your software development project.
A: Since full-stack developers are all-rounders in what they do, they are bound to have at least some baseline knowledge regarding UI and UX - even if they don’t have deep technical expertise on building and testing user interfaces. Nonetheless, with their suite of varied technical skills, full-stack developers can still effectively advise and lead software development projects, including supervising dedicated UI/UX designers in their work.

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