Cloud computing vs cloud outsourcing: what’s the difference?

February 27, 2024


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A: Yes, IT outsourcing companies can also undertake cloud outsourcing services on behalf of their clientele, as they are already subscribed to the services offered by a cloud vendor. Many software and IT outsourcing companies also officially partner with large cloud service providers, so they can ensure complete access to services as and when needed, together with dedicated expert support, lest any challenges are met.
A: Yes, leading software outsourcing companies in Canada can and will offer cloud outsourcing services too - especially since they may be partnered with leading cloud service providers such as AWS and Azure. This provides clients a single point of contact for all things related to their IT outsourcing needs, whether it’s software development, cybersecurity, AI and of course, cloud outsourcing.
A: Cybersecurity may or may not be part of a cloud outsourcing service strategy, based on one key factor - whether your outsourcing partner can scale in order to facilitate the same. Of course, this is only applicable to businesses that depend on their IT outsourcing provider to undertake cloud outsourcing or any other type of outsourcing service.

If your business partners directly with a cloud service provider, cybersecurity can certainly be integrated, as vendors offer all the services an organisation may need to keep networks, data, applications and other infrastructure secure. Dedicated experts can also guide your business teams for assessing security posture and building relevant frameworks, so help is at hand whenever needed.

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